Client Stories

” I was hesitant to spend any money on myself while saving up to do IVF, so I kept putting off getting a counselor or coach. Once I found myself so stressed out from IVF and work, that I was about to quit my job, I knew I needed someone to talk to. Devon was my lifeline! She totally understood where I was coming from and helped me uncover the true source of my stress and what I could do to change it.  After 2 sessions I felt so much better! I’m happy to say that my second IVF worked! I also negotiated better working conditions so I didn’t have to quit my job. I have my career and my sweet baby boy. I recommend everyone I know going through infertility to Devon. It’s worth the money. I promise you, you will never regret investing in yourself!”

— A.G.


“I never expected after having 3 healthy children early in life, that I would be in my thirties wanting more! Because of medical conditions, my new husband and I knew we had to do IVF. The problem was, we didn’t know anyone who had done it before! There was so much to know, it was overwhelming. I’m so glad that I had Devon to talk to. I appreciated her honesty, support, and genuine empathy. Her knowledge was incredibly valuable to me. I’m also glad I never gave up, IVF finally worked! I am pregnant with twins and could not be more excited.”  

— K.R.


“I had never done a session with a life coach, and was really skeptical. What could someone help me with in just one hour that would make a difference in my life? After working with Devon, my views completely changed. After our first session, I was like “That was awesome! Let’s do it again!” I had a clear plan of action that I could implement that same day. I liked that she broke it down into manageable steps. I highly recommend her!”

     — J.H.


“Paying for infertility treatments was really wearing on me. My wife and I were determined to pay out of pocket and not go into debt. We needed a plan we could stick to. Working with Devon was one of the best decisions I’ve made. We came up with a budget, ways to save money, ways to make more money, and a complete financial plan. My wife and I not only paid for treatments ourselves, but used the same skills to get out of debt after our baby arrived. I can’t describe how good it feels to have financial freedom. Now we can save for a college fund instead of paying off our medical bills!”

— L.B.


“Working with Devon, brought me much needed perspective. My sessions with her have changed my life by allowing me to explore my beliefs that no longer benefited me. Her fearlessness was contagious as she helped me explore the possibility of different outcomes to my situation. While I was going through my life crisis, Devon helped me think more objectively. She was a critical piece, on the road to healing, after a very heartbreaking loss.”

— A.H.


“I manifested a jackpot! My employer offered to pay for my next round of IVF! I can’t believe it! I earned a bonus, and have the option to take the cash, but when the owner heard about our infertility issues (and that my bonus would be used toward infertility expenses) he offered to pay directly for the IVF so we don’t have to pay taxes on a bonus, even though the cost of IVF is more than what my bonus would be! This program works!! I’m so grateful! “



“‘Hippie Shit’…that’s honestly what I thought this ‘Money Mindset’ stuff sounded like, BUT I tried it anyways, and I can’t deny the results. within one month of coaching with Devon, I had $2,000 come in unexpectedly.”





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