I KNOW How Hard Infertility Is...

Couple sitting on bed worried over medical cost for IVF

You know the feeling...

You’re stressed to the max with the INSANE cost of fertility treatment. You’re aren’t sure you’ll ever be able to afford the procedures you need, and if you’re successful, you’re not sure you’d have  money left over to raise the baby anyway! You’re doing the best you can right now, but the truth is, you’re scared.

Scared to spend the money.
Scared to NOT spend the money.
Scared you’ll never build your savings back up again.

Worst of all, you’re exhausted by the idea of not knowing HOW you’ll ever pay to create your future family!

Wouldn’t it change everything…

To know with 100% certainty that you can find the money to make this ‘maybe baby’ a reality, and then use those same skills to pay off debt, build up your savings, or take an amazing vacation! (Let’s be honest, you deserve one). Wouldn’t it be nice to transform this fear into focus? To change your relationship and beliefs about money to work FOR YOU, not against you.

To use the most challenging time of your life to actually IMPROVE your life!

Devon Baeza here, the Fertility Finance Coach!

I Help Women Struggling Through Fertility Treatments to Bust Through Money Blocks, Make, Save, and Manifest Money So They Can Pay for Fertility Treatments!

You’ve spent your whole life learning how to think about money in a particular way, and now, when you need it the most you can’t seem to earn or save enough! It’s time to completely shift the way you think about and deal with money…

I’m here to help you do just that! 


Welcome to...

Fertile Money Club

The Fertile Money Club

A unique and powerful monthly membership which mixes the practical with the magical to help you make, save, and manifest the money you need RIGHT NOW!

We’ll address the stress/issues/yucky feelings you have around money, and work on the negative effects money stress has had on you, your relationships, and mindset! I’m combining all the proven strategies, manifesting tools, deep inner work, and coaching that has worked so well for my clients in order to get you results FAST!

I want amazing things to happen for you ! As a member of The Fertile Money Club, you’ll have access to amazing discounts, freebies, and bonus videos from world renowned fertility experts

Let’s Work Together To Get Results Quickly!

Just Imagine…

  • Being at ease with money. It flows in and out of your life peacefully, with purpose. Not only are you using a customized fertility finance budget and working towards your money making goals, but also manifesting money from unexpected sources.
  • Finding harmony with your spouse and getting on the same page emotionally and financially, it feels SO good to work together to build your futur1037e family.
  • Feeling confident you can pay for any and all fertility treatments by taking simple direct actions.

Here's what my Fertile Money Mindset participants have to say!

Reviews From The Trenches!

“ I am so happy I took the leap and invested in myself by signing up, even during a time where finances were strained. It helped shift my mindset from trying to hold on to my money (scarcity) to allowing me to see that I have to let go to allow money to flow in and out of my life. Thank you, Devon, for keeping it fun along the way!”

“Do it! You won’t regret it. Devon’s support and probing questions helped me reflect on a deeper level. I often say what people want to hear and I ignore the real feelings. This experience made me feel safe and challenged the way I thought about money and my fears.”

“The best part was that it opened the door for some really productive conversations between my husband and me. I’m Re-evaluating my money memories and releasing my money blocks. My number and symbol reminded me of God’s presence and support of me, while reminding me to be grateful – I think this opened my mind the most to accepting whatever the universe has to offer and that it might not be in ways I expect”

Based on surveys, the Fertile Money content helped clients reduce financial stress levels on average by 50%, and 80% met their money goals! One client even had an unexpected offer from her boss to pay for IVF treatment!

Pretty impressive right?

So who exactly is this program for?

The Fertile Money Club is for you if ANY of the following apply…

You’ll be paying for fertility treatments within the next 12 months (IUI, IVF, acupuncture, online fertility programs, etc)

You are in debt because of fertility treatments

If you’re in a relationship and things are tense around money

You’re MEGA stressed about money

You’re open to trying new things

You’re willing to use your fertility challenges to better your life (and help others!)

You’re willing to be completely honest with yourself and others in the group

You’re willing to do the work…

The Fertile Money Club is for YOU!

See you in the Club! *Doors currently closed but re-opening soon!*

What can I expect?

What is The Fertile Money Club?


This club is about taking small, monthly action steps that are hyper focused on ways to save, make and manifest money for fertility treatment. We will bust through your money blocks, address the stress/issues/yucky feelings you have around money, work on the negative effects money stress has had on your relationships, find ways for you to save on meds and treatment, and help you make more money NOW.

When does it open?


Doors open at the end of the month for 48 hrs. Get on the VIP waitlist to be the first to know when they open! 

What will I have to do?


  • Once a week, you'll watch a 5-10 min video in the FB group (at your convenience!) that will give you a simple assignment for the week. Some missions require journaling, some require you to actually physically do something, and some challenges will push you outside of your comfort zone! Where all growth happens 🙂
  • You 'll report back when you’ve completed it by commenting on the mission video.
  • Participate in the FB group as much or as little as you choose!

That’s it! Easy Peasy Right?

What's included in the Fertile Money Club?

Instant Access to more than $1,000 worth of education, discounts and more!

Daily practices incorporated into your everyday life that change your money habits and turn you into a money manifesting machine!

Bust your Money Blocks

Financial advice, budgeting tips, and finding ways to make more money are useless unless you identify your MONEY BLOCKS.

Learn how to use your money memories to BUST your MONEY BLOCKS and Stop Self Sabotage in its tracks!

Your words have POWER.

Get ready for some fun challenges and learn how to use language to manifest money your way!

Law Of Attraction hacks to attract ABUNDANCE, set boundaries that SERVE you, and discover how to change your money VIBE instantly, whenever you choose!

There is a reason most budgets fail. Traditional personal finance advice doesn't work during fertility treatments! The Baby Making Budget is a done-for-you system that makes coming up with the money to fund your fertility, FAST, EASY and FUN!

Fertility costs can add up FAST.  Whether it's acupuncture, online programs, organic every-freakin-thing, meds, IUI, or IVF...cutting your costs is essential! Cut Costs, Stack Cash tells you HOW I saved $10,000 on treatment, strategies to effectively negotiate your bills, plus much more!

No better time to put the Law of Attraction into ACTION than while you are TTC! Over the years I've manifested 50% off IVF, been paid to live on an island, received random checks in the mail, and SO much more. The Money Manifesting Method gives you fool proof strategies to get into alignment and attract money your way!

If you’ve got a question about finances and fertility, you’re not alone! Benefit from the collective wisdom of past Q+A Sessions 

Bringing you all the BEST freebies, discounts, and exclusives from across the fertility globe!

Dedicated office hours for individual 15 min coaching sessions, essentially your own personal Fertility Finance Coach in your pocket!

Fertile Money Club

A private Facebook group for accountability, support, motivation, sharing WINS, and access to yours truly! 

Uber useful downloads, printables and materials that are yours for personal use FOR-EV-VER!

Guest expert interviews loaded with EXCLUSIVE insider TIPS, TRICKS, and HACKS designed to not only FUND your FERTILITY FAST, but ditch the stress mess and overwhelm along the way! 


What’s included?

  • Monthly missions that will help you Make, Save, and Manifest money
  • Monthly Q+A session to answer every question along the way
  • A private Facebook group for accountability, support, motivation, sharing wins, and access to me
  • All the downloads, printables and materials you’ll need will be provided via the FB group. 
  • Instant access to ‘The Rockstar Resource List’ FREE and deeply discounted products, services, and educational courses from top fertility industry professionals worth hundreds of $$$
  • Expert interviews with exclusive insider tips, tricks, and hacks to save you tons of time, money, and stress! 
  • Dedicated office hours for individual 15 min coaching sessions (essentially your own personal Fertility Finance Coach in your pocket)
  • Instant access to past Monthly Missions

How much does it cost?

ONLY $34 a month with no long term commitments or strings attached

**I've also added a 6 month option for $174, which brings your monthly cost down to only $29! 

What if I need to cancel?

Things happen! You can cancel anytime by sending an email to Info@DevonBaeza.com

What’s the catch??

​I know this stuff works. I’ve done it myself and have watched so many other women succeed using the same strategies and tools. My dream is to offer all of the proven practices that have been working for my 1:1 coaching clients in an affordable way that all women going through fertility struggles can use. I want every woman to know that MONEY doesn’t need to stop them from MOTHERHOOD.

When can I join?

​​Doors are open for 48 hrs at the end of every month...Get on the VIP waitlist to be the first to hear when they open! 


Where can I contact you if I have questions?


How do I join?

Just click on the button below, fill out the form, and submit! Please email me at Devon@devonbaeza.com if you have questions!

Tap Into The MAGICAL and PRACTICAL proven money strategies to Fund Your Future Family!

Join Now!

Come on in!

The Fertile Money Club!