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Identify your money blocks that are holding you back

Change your thought patterns to ones that serve you

Stop feeling so alone and get some direction during this trying time

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Exactly what you need RIGHT NOW. Infertility can affect every area of

your life, especially finances!  The tools I use identify YOUR unique needs

and help us prioritize which area needs immediate attention. You

will get a personalized plan that is customized just for YOU.

Can you guess what my biggest regret is?

Not getting help sooner in my infertility journey.  In the beginning, I really felt like I was doing fine. Eventually, after months of trying, and negative pregnancy tests, it started to get to me.

I was used to a certain level of success in my life. With enough education and hard work, I had achieved every goal I set. An academic scholarship to go to college, a business degree, married a great guy, got a promotion within 6 months of starting my chosen career. I made stuff happen! I had a handle on my life!…right??

But yet there I was

  • Up at 3am googling medical terms like a pre-med student
  • Ignoring my husband when he talked about anything other than baby
  • Buying so many pregnancy tests I should have bought stock in EPT
  • Dreading my Facebook newsfeed…Seriously, is everyone but me knocked up?
  • Avoiding family gatherings like the plague “Yes we’re trying, stop asking”
  • Brainstorming ways to politely turn down baby shower invites
  • Stalking other people’s fertility stories on forums like a creepy ex-boyfriend

Infertility can absolutely consume your life

If you’ve been doing treatments for a while, IUI or IVF, you probably know just what I mean. You get your hopes up every month, gather your strength and determination, and do one more round. You pray so hard for it to work, you start making deals with God! “I promise if you let me get pregnant this time, I’ll be in church every Sunday!”

Then comes the negative pregnancy test. Your husband starts to point out how much money you are spending on these treatments. You can’t imagine anything harder than going through it again. Except the one thing that is harder than doing another IVF or IUI…giving up. You refuse to lose. Determined infertility will not beat you, you start looking for help and support

gratitude is B.S.

Fight back against the "Good Vibes Only" shirts

What have you already done to cope with infertility?

  • Talked to friends and family (who aren’t always helpful)
  • Bought so many books on the subject, you’re basically the Barnes and Noble of infertility
  • Spoke to a therapist (who had 3 kids and didn’t get it)
  • Attended a support group that felt like the ‘suffering Olympics’ “Oh you think you have it bad?! I have PCOS, endo, AND a rash that won’t go away”
  • Tried to talk yourself out of feeling so bad by being grateful. At least you have your cat!
  • Joined an infertility FB group that has 100 pics of people’s positive pregnancy tests for every 1 helpful post

Devon has made such a difference in my life.


“I never expected after having 3 healthy children early in life, that I would be in my thirties wanting more! Because of medical conditions, my new husband and I knew we had to do IVF. The problem was, we didn’t know anyone who had done it before! There was so much to know, it was overwhelming. I’m so glad that I had Devon to talk to. I appreciated her honesty, support, and genuine empathy. Her knowledge was incredibly valuable to me. I’m also glad I never gave up, IVF finally worked! I am pregnant with twins and could not be more excited.”  

You Don’t Have Time To Waste

I can help you NOW. I combine my degree in finance, years of experience undergoing infertility treatments (including successful IVF), training as a life coach, and love of all things “Money Mindset” to offer you customized fertility finance coaching.

I know the only thing you care about right now is making this “maybe baby” a reality…BUT…I have a secret for you.

Money issues are never about the Money!

 My method of coaching is designed to discover and address the root cause of your money stress. Along the way, we also find crazy ways to save and make money, and bust through mental money blocks (that you might not even know you have!) in order to get the money you need QUICKLY.

Are you ready to let go of thoughts like

  • You shouldn’t be taking this so hard
  • You will never be able to afford treatment
  • You’ve wasted money on treatments that didn’t work
  • This is somehow your fault
  • That you should be able to handle this on your own

Are you ready to get the benefits of coaching

  • Clarity about why you feel stuck
  • An action plan to pay for treatment
  • new way to view your struggles with infertility and money
  • Improve your most important relationships
  • Accountability to make meaningful change

My wife and I not only paid for treatments ourselves, but used the same skills to get out of debt after our baby arrived.


“Paying for infertility treatments was really wearing on me. My wife and I were determined to pay out of pocket and not go into debt. We needed a plan we could stick to. Working with Devon was one of the best decisions I’ve made. We came up with a budget, ways to save money, ways to make more money, and a complete financial plan. My wife and I not only paid for treatments ourselves, but used the same skills to get out of debt after our baby arrived. I can’t describe how good it feels to have financial freedom. Now we can save for a college fund instead of paying off our medical bills!”

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