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My name is Devon Baeza and I am The Fertility Finance Coach. I help women struggling through infertility to create a plan to pay for treatment and shift into a money manifesting mindset, so they are in control of their infertility and excited about the future!


I know first hand how infertility can wreak havoc in your life

In 2010, I was a young professional, newly married, and in for a shock.  I expected those early years to be full of joy and excitement. I assumed my husband and I would be decorating a nursery and brainstorming baby names. In reality, those years were full of countless tears, needles, hormone swings, and arguments.  Month after month we endured treatments, surgeries, and loss. Eventually the only option left was IVF.

We were sure we couldn’t afford it. Even if we did manage to find a way, the thought of gambling our life savings on a chance at motherhood made me feel ill. I was terrified it wouldn’t work. Not only could we end up childless, but also broke and miserable. I felt so hopeless, overwhelmed, and alone.

The only thing harder than figuring how to pay for IVF was the idea of quitting. I couldn’t stand the thought of money keeping me from my future family. We decided nothing was going to stop us. I discovered a new way to think about money. With hard work, a shift in mindset, and a focused plan, we got the money for IVF.  Although we only ended up with one embryo that “didn’t look good”, I’m happy to report it worked. We have a happy healthy 5 year old from IVF! Not only that, we ended up manifesting some CRAZY awesome stuff since then like a surprise baby, getting paid to live on an island for year, and so much more.

The truth is, infertility changed everything.

It changed me. Looking back now, I can see the purpose in the pain. It led me to my true calling, which is what I do now!

What I Do

I coach women going through infertility treatments on all money related issues. I help them identify their fears and mindset blocks and break through them. We save tons of time and money (not to mention stress and heartache!)  by creating a plan to get their finances in order FAST. We come up with unconventional ways to make more, spend less, save on meds and services, and to manifest help from unexpected places!

I naturally love numbers and geeking out on money mindset, but what I love the most is coaching women through their own limiting self-beliefs and getting the confidence to take the next step. I want you to know you are not alone, and there is hope. Your happy ending is waiting for you.

What people are saying about me

“I honestly don’t know what I would have done without Devon during my infertility treatments. She completely understood where I was coming from at every step in the process. She was my biggest cheerleader throughout. I always felt like I could be honest about my struggles without judgement.  I felt confident and at peace with all my decisions because of our work together. I refer anyone I meet going through treatments to her.”

— A.G.

If you’re wondering what my qualifications are (as you should be!)

Here is how my traditional resume reads:

    • B.S. Business Administration Finance, Northern Arizona University 2007
    • Certificate of Investments, Northern Arizona University 2007
    • Certificate in Life Coaching, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2015
    • Master Coach Certification, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts 2017

Here’s what really qualifies me, my Infertility Resume:

    • 23 months timed intercourse
    • 3 months medicated timed intercourse: clomid (aka the devil) and ovidrel
    • 6 IUI’s with injectables
    • Miscarriage
    • Hysteroscopy for polyps
    • 2 laparoscopies with ablation for endometriosis
    • Successful IVF
    • A surprise baby 4  years later!

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