The 5 Day Fertility Finance Challenge

Learn  how to Make+Save+Manifest money from your quarantined couch!

Imagine if Dr.Phil, Gabby Bernstein, Marie Kondo, and Dave Ramsey came up with 5 day challenge during the Apocalypse to get your fertility finances on track…⁠

Boo ya Grandma! You would have The 5 Day Fertility Finance Challenge!

NOW is the best possible time to make sure you can hit the ground running (with pockets full of cash) as soon as your clinic is open!⁠

Let’s shift the momentum from WHAT the actual F*CK is happening!?! to WHAT are we going to do about it??⁠

How about we join together and use this time to ⁠

💪🏼 Get as financially FIT as possible
CLEAN up your thoughts, wallets, and a closet or two
💰 Make some MONEY fast

Join me for this super fun and productive FREE challenge that kicks off Monday, March 23rd. ⁠

I’ll be sharing:⁠

🔷 PROVEN practices my clients use to shift from freaking out to fiercely focused
🔷 HOW I brought in an extra $7500 last month (that you can do too!)⁠
🔷 Some AMAZE BALLS prizes and exclusive bonuses at the end

It’s totally free, requires you to watch a 5-10 min vid and complete ONE assignment per day. Don’t tell me you don’t have time…we ALL have the time now 😂😕😭

The FB group is the only way to get in on the action! Come join me at

We get started Monday March 23rd, don’t miss out! Click HERE to join the FB Group!

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