Go Fund Me for Fertility: Creative Fundraising or Virtual Panhandling?

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One of the most controversial is Go Fund Me campaigns. So Should you do it??? Is this creative fundraising, or just virtual panhandling??

Crowdfunding can be an effective way to raise money for medical issues or charitable causes. Thinking of crowdfunding your fertility? Here’s a few things to consider.


Here’s the UPSIDE


It gives people a way to help. So often when we are struggling, and others know about it, they are looking for a way to help. You might even have others asking you “What can I do to help?”. Giving someone a literal, tangible way to help can make them feel good that they have contributed to your cause, helped you when you needed it most. 


It’s thinking outside the box. There are only so many hours you can work in a day, and only so much money you can save. When it’s done from a place of searching for options/answers, you are using the creative part of your brain. You are looking for less traditional ways to make your maybe baby goal a reality and I like the ideas that come from that problem solving energy


You end up with a bigger support network. Being public about your struggles can be a big, scary, decision to make. However, most of the time, you end up receiving support from unexpected places. Even if it’s not financial, the supportive words and encouraging stories can be a gift in and of themselves. Knowing you’re not alone and people are rooting for you can be powerful encouragement to keep going right when you need it most.


Here’s the DOWNSIDE


People feel weird being asked for money. It is an inherently uncomfortable position to be in. If someone wanted to help, they probably would have offered  by now.


Those who donate will start scrutinizing your spending. If you’re asking for their money, Be prepared to be judged for how others PERCEIVE you are spending YOUR money. If you get tagged on social media at a fancy restaurant, if you post vacation pics, if you are wearing what they assume are new shoes…be prepared to get some grief about it. 


You might have to deal with other people’s money blocks. When you ask people for their money, you are opening yourself up to their money issues and hang ups. Be prepared to hear old uncle so and so telling you “in my day we worked for everything we had”…at Thanksgiving 


You are inviting them to share their opinions on reproductive issues…many of which are often ignorant. “Why don’t you just adopt?” “If God wanted you to have a baby you’d have one” “You don’t need treatment, you just need to relax”. Granted you might already be hearing these kind of statements…but if you already feeling emotional and vulnerable…it can be really hard to see or hear these sorts of comments. 


When is it a good idea? 


  • You have others offering to set one up for you– They are actively looking to financially contribute. If you have people asking how they can help, and looking for ways to raise money for you, it gives them an easy, organized way to do it.


  • If it’s not your first choice- You’ve been saving on your own, picking up extra work, making an effort. Everyone can see that asking others for money was not your first resort, it’s your last.


  • You have a large following on social media -or- an especially powerful story that others would want to share. Go Fund Me’s rarely gain traction beyond your close friends and family unless you can get some extra publicity. 


What’s a good alternative?


If you’re not feeling comfortable with a Go Fund Me page, here are some other things I’ve seen work.

  • Win Win Websites

    Use a site that ‘gives’ a gift for each donation ex) They donate $10 and get a T-shirt https://www.customink.com/


  • Group Garage Sales

    Others donate items for you to sell at your garage sale and you keep the profits. They purge the crap out of their garage, and you keep the money! 


  • A Community Event

    This could be a spaghetti cook out at church. You front the man power, the church donates the supplies, and you keep the donations.


The bottom line when it comes to crowdfunding is: if you aren’t comfortable, don’t do it. There are other ways, it’s not the only option. However, there are no right or wrong decisions, only what’s right for you. 

You probably have 101 ideas and concerns fighting for space in your head right now! If you need help deciding on figuring out the right ways for YOU to fund your fertility, I’m here! I’m a trained master coach with a degree in finance and years of experience, but more importantly, I’ve been exactly where you are right now.

Get a free 20 minute call HERE. And for more ideas on how to make money for IVF, get your FREE copy of “15 Crazy Ways to Make Money for IVF” plus my number one visual savings tool!



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