What TLC’s ’90 day Fiance’ has to do with your bad Fertility Finance Decisions!!



How many of you watch ’90 day fiance’ on TLC???


The latest series is ’90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way’ and it shows Americans who are moving to other countries to be with their “fiancés”. Most of whom they barely even know. One guy is moving to Ecuador to be with his girlfriend who refuses to stay in the U.S. He says that he doesn’t want to live in this tiny fishing village and that he’s not sure the relationship is going to work out…BUT…he has already given her/spent his entire life savings of $40,000….so basically it’s too late, he has to make it work.


Another lady on the show who is moving to India essentially says the same thing. “I don’t want to leave my kids, my grand kids, I’m not sure this is what I should be doing…BUT… I’ve already quit my job, sold my stuff, and I only have enough money to get to India…so now I’ve painted myself into a corner…so I have no other choice.”


When you hear other people say stuff like that, and you look at their life choices…it’s easy to be like “Wow, that’s ridiculous!!” but chances are, you’ve done the same thing. There is something called “The Sunk Cost Fallacy” which essentially says we as humans make irrational choices and  continue behaviors based on how much we have already invested.


Examples of this are when you:


  • Order too much food, but then you overeat to “get your money’s worth”.


  • Stay in a bad relationship because you have already invested 10 years of your life.


  • Stay in a career you hate because of all the money you spent to go to college and get a degree in that field.


  • Keep doing fertility treatments that aren’t working, because you have already spent so much time and money doing them, you can’t stand the thought of it being “all for nothing”.


  • Stay with the same IVF Dr. because you have already spent 3 years going to them, and even though nothing’s worked, you feel invested into that practice.


But here’s the thing…


The ONLY thing worse than spending 10 years in a bad relationship, is spending 10 years and one day.


The ONLY thing worse than wasting $39,999 on a relationship you know isn’t going to work out, is to spend $40,000.


The ONLY thing worse than dumping $2,000 on fertility supplements that have shown no results, is to spend $2,001.


You will never get back the time you wasted. The energy expended, or the money you spent. It’s gone. Don’t keep making bad decisions based on all your other bad decisions. It’s ok to make a mistake, to not know better at the time…but now you do KNOW. So act accordingly!


When you are faced with a decision on how to spend your time, money, or energy….try saying this to yourself:  “What’s gone is gone. What’s done is done. Starting fresh, in this moment…is this the best use of my Time? Energy? Money?….if not…What would be a better decision for my highest good?”


Give yourself permission to change course. And give yourself some grace too. Forgive yourself and start fresh!


TLDR: Don’t keep doing things that aren’t working for you just because you feel committed to your bad decisions. And don’t spend your life savings on gold digging fiances!


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