5 Major Money Mistakes You’re Making During Fertility Treatment

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Do you realize your money mindset might actually be affecting your chances of getting pregnant? The cost related to fertility treatment can become a huge stressor which impacts other areas of your life; including the ability to conceive!

Let’s take a look at 5 major money mistakes that may be holding you back and how to handle them.

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Mistake #1 –  Not having enough information

Always get more than 1 expert opinion

The first mistake is not having enough information. So often we make fertility decisions based on one person’s professional opinion. Maybe you’ve been to see your gynecologist to talk about wanting a baby, and you’ve been told: “You’re too old for that, your eggs are going to be poor quality.”

It’s understandable to assume your gynecologist is an expert in all things fertility, but that’s not always true. The gynecologist you’ve had since you were 16 isn’t necessarily going to be an expert in Chinese medicine, for example.

How to handle it

Seeking more than one expert opinion can open up some different options. Otherwise, you may end up spending more money in the long run because you keep going around in circles without getting any real results.


Mistake #2 –  Having too much information

Analysis paralysis is real and it’s holding you back

We’ve all been Dr Google at some point but when you’re struggling to get pregnant DIY research can go into overdrive. All this knowledge can actually stop you from making progress; it’s too hard to make a financial decision when there are 10,000 options are available to you.

You’re so overwhelmed with all of these acronyms you don’t know and tests you’ve never dealt with before that you just decide, “I don’t wanna deal with any of it!”. This leaves you feeling stuck with no idea on what treatment to invest in or path to take.

How to handle it

When feeling “informed” turns into feeling “overwhelmed”, you need to modify your behavior.  Limit the time you spend online researching. It could be deciding to only be online an hour a day, or setting a time that you turn off technology and plug back in to your own life. Trust that you already have enough information to ask the right questions.


Mistake #3 –  Making decisions based on fear

F.E.A.R can cost you big time or stop you spending at all

This is a HUGE one. Fear is really prevalent during fertility struggles.

You’re scared you’ll never have a family and your future isn’t going to be what you’ve dreamed of (for possibly your whole life). There’s just so much fear involved. Especially when you receive results that weren’t what you were hoping for.

Making decisions based on fear can go one of two ways. You may be too fearful to spend money at all – OR-  you’ll jump into spending large amounts on expensive treatments because you’re scared you’re running out of time.

How to handle it

In the moment, acknowledge you feel scared. Don’t ignore your feelings or pretend to be fine when you’re not. Find someone you trust to talk to and then come up with your next (small) action step. Avoid diving into a big financial commitment while your emotions are running high.


Mistake #4 –  Thinking money struggles are about money

Money stress? It’s not actually about the cash

Money problems are never about money. During fertility struggles, money takes on other symbolic meanings. Money signifies control and hope, safety and security. Let’s say you’re struggling between the decision to spend money IUI or IVF. You feel uncertain about risking the money, but what you’re really risking is giving up control and your hope (what if it doesn’t work).

Money is one of the few things we can control during fertility struggles, so we hold it extra close. But by not taking a chance you could miss out on something that might have worked.

How to handle it

Peeling back the layers to see what your money struggles are REALLY about can be complicated. Once you identify the underlying issues, you need to take specifically targeted action steps to remove your money blocks. This is the exact work I do as The Fertility Finance Coach with my clients. Book a free discovery call if you suspect your money issues are about more than just money!


Mistake #5 –  Thinking saving and working harder for more money is enough

Are you missing out on manifesting money too?

Getting caught up saving every cent and obsessing about cash for fertility treatments and programs can feel stressful. You end up creating tense energy around finances which can actually put a ‘money block’ in place.

Manifesting money, on the other hand, can be a fun and enjoyable way of creating more abundance in your finances. Manifesting completes the picture. When you’re doing all three, saving money, making more money, and manifesting money, you reach your goals so much faster.

How to handle it

Cut out negative talk about money like ‘We can never afford this’ or ‘ I’m so broke right now!’

Shift your thoughts and words to be positive about finances and repeat daily affirmations about welcoming money from unexpected sources into your life. An easy way to do this is to rephrase your negative thought into a question. “I will never be able to afford IVF” becomes “How can I afford IVF?”. Ask the Universe a question, and you will get an answer!



Are you making any of these 5 major money mistakes?

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